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Small Business Bundle

Set your business on right footing with a sound foundation at only $249 Per Month!

Set Your Small Business Up

for Success

Starting and running a small business is equal parts risky as it is exhilarating! In all of the excitement of getting your great idea off of the ground, now you've got to let your prospective customers know about what you have to offer. After all, what you have started is awesome!

We believe that a forward-thinking business like yours needs high-quality marketing from the get-go. You don't have to be a large corporation to have stellar marketing. In fact, we will set a strong foundation for your small business marketing at a fraction of the costs.

What's In Your Bundle

Brand Consulting & Strategy

The heart of your business rests in its brand identity. Explore & discover your brand in this strategy session.


Storytelling & Messaging 

The content you promote hinges on a compelling story and strong message. Let's dive in and uncover it!

Zoho One & Software Integration

All your apps and software needs can live in one single place, and they can work together in an integrated way.



Your business needs a site that will captivate your audience & showcase your offerings.


Your site needs to be found and indexed on the web, and it starts with a own unique domain name.


Email Address

Scrap the third-party email account, and get your own address that is connected to your unique domain, 

  • What are the payment terms?
    We will process your card for the agreed upon amount listed each month on the day you start service. There is a 90 day commitment (3 monthly payments) then the billing goes month to month and you can cancel at any time after 90 days.
  • How long do I pay the monthly rate?
    As long as you want the software and website to be live and available for use. You must commit to 3 monthly payments, then can cancel at any time.
  • What's the time commitment?
    We will send you a survey to get started that will cover the basic questions we need answered. It should only take you 30 minutes to complete. A phone consultation and approval meeting will take place that should take less than 2 hours over a 2 week timeframe.
  • I'm an entrepreneur just getting started. Is this for me?
    It depends. If you are still in the planning phase and are not ready to start your business... you should wait. The website and software tools are meant to help you run and manage your business. Make sure you are ready.
  • Do I own the website, email and domian name."
    YES! This is your business. If you decide to cancel after the required 3 monthly payments, we will transfer the website, email and domain name to you. You would be required to pay for those services directly to keep them live.
  • What is included in the offer?
    1. Professionally Designed Wix Website 2. Custom Domain Name ( 3. Custom Email (provided by GSuite) 4. 1 Enterprise License of Zoho One (40+ applications) 5. Limited monthly support
  • Can I add more Zoho Licenses?
    Yes. For this low price you must add a new Zoho One License for every new full time employee you hire for your business. The cost of the license is $35 per month per user.
  • Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) included on my website?
    YES! A basic version of SEO is included which will help get your website listed on search engines like Google. We have an Enhanced SEO package you can add starting at $399 per month.
  • What if I stop paying the monthly payment?
    Just like your electric bill... your access to Zoho One, Website and Email will stop working.
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    This offer required a commitment of 90 days (3 monthly payments) to start. It is then a month to month contract which you can cancel at any time.
  • What is the process?
    Once you make your first payment you will receive a welcome email and survey to complete. We will review your survey answers and allow you to choose a conveinent time for a Branding Strategy phone conversation. Using the information provided we will create your website and share a link for your approval. You can make recommendations and changes at that time. Meanwhile, we will setup your Zoho One account and link it to your website. Your domain name and email will be created and shared with you. Once the site is approved we will lauch it live!
  • What Zoho services are included?
    We will provide a Zoho One license for you and connect the Zoho CRM (Sales) application to your website. Although we can provide services for everything Zoho, this offer is limited to CRM. You will be provided with links to training for all 40+ software products which you can learn. You can always add more support time to your monthly service cost.
  • What if I already have a website?
    We can use that content to create your new website which would replace your old one. We would just need your domain name information so we can make the new one live! Also, this offer is based on a starter website with only a few pages. If your website is much larger we can still help you but would require a quote outside of this offer. Contact us at
  • Can I customize this bundle?
    YES! We offer many services for small businesses and would love to help you succeed. Contact us at to get a custom quote.

What if there was one suite of applications to run your entire business?

There is!  Meet Zoho One

Flow is a Zoho One Partner
Flow is a Zoho One Partner
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