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Flow Business Systems, Inc. is a consulting and technology company focused on removing obstacles that prevent people and businesses from achieving everything they have been purposed to accomplish.


Flow was started to help people overcome obstacles that are standing between them and success.  We believe every person has value, purpose, and the ability to achieve great things in this world.  We exist to build relationships with those amazing people and to create strategies and plans which help them build strong businesses, careers, and communities.


We believe in People, Process and Systems.  Flow conducts an assessment of a business related to the areas of marketing, sales, operations, service delivery, finance and human resources.  Once the assessment is complete, recommendations to improve the "flow of the business" are presented, plans are made, objectives are agreed upon and work begins in a predictable/measurable manner.


Flow sets aside a percentage of monthly revenue to support various community programs.  We refer to this effort as "Overflow," which is intended to "reverse the curse" of the effects of "Redlining" in the city of Louisville Kentucky.

To learn more about Redlining and its damaging effects click here.

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As I contemplated why to start Flow Business Systems, I was drawn to one simple principle: HELP PEOPLE.  Helping people is at the core of everything we do at Flow, and it is done with purpose.  Small businesses drive this great nation of ours, and many fail unnecessarily.  Business owners need help, and many do not seek it due to pride, lack of resources, time or knowledge.  Flow seeks these individuals out, comes alongside and looks for ways to improve their business by filling the gaps. 

Using our Sprint model for delivering services, business owners can set their own price.  We are committed to creating winning strategies, executing plans, getting measurable results, and providing value.  We have to earn our clients’ business every month because we do not lock anyone into long-term contracts, and we love it that way.  



You win - We Win (They Win)

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