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Customer Experience (CX) has become an important business strategy that many small businesses miss without even realizing it.  Doing CX correctly provides a competitive advantage.


If your business is attempting to create satisfied customers, you need to kick it up a level.  When customers are merely satisfied with your service, they are prone to leave you based upon price alone.  Buyers today demand that you exceed their expectations and provide an experience that they cannot find elsewhere.  They have all the power, and your competition is many times only a click away.


Customer loyalty has been a sound business strategy for years. However, how a business goes about creating customer loyalty is a moving target.  Customers today want experiences combined with your product or service.  Experiences they can tell their friends about.  Experiences that make them feel unique, special and important.  CX doesn't have to cost a ton of money; it just takes some heartfelt thought.


Calculating the lifetime value of a customer is a good way to begin your customer experience journey.  It costs a business much more time, money, and resources to create a new customer than to keep an existing one.  Any business can see a dramatic surge in revenue and sustained growth by applying CX principles and strategies throughout their organization.  Flow can help you plan, execute, and manage the effort.


Think through high-level plans to achieve your tactical business goals.


Delivery quality service and value to your customers with every deliverable you offer.


Design, develop, and deploy a custom service delivery program that has your customers as the focus.


Develop a team that is customer-centric highlighting service reliability  and client satisfaction.


Outline every pivotal point in your service delivery process and find ways to improve efficiency.



Put customer service at the heart of your company.

Zoho Desk is the industry's first context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer. From increasing your agents' productivity, to crunching through performance metrics, to working in sync with other apps that you use, get to the core of your customer service efforts.

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