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Flow Business Systems is committed to helping reverse the "Redline Curse" in the city of Louisville Kentucky.  We choose to believe that these areas and the people who work and live here ARE worth the investment.


The term redlining comes out of a New Deal policy. In the 1930s, the federal Home Owner’s Loan Corp. created maps that graded neighborhoods using a color code in order to provide guidance on which areas it considered "worth investing in". Largely black and low-income neighborhoods were often given low investment grades and shaded in red.  (David A. Mann, Louisville Business First. (link to article)


You can take a closer look at how these policies impacted Louisville specifically thanks to an interactive online map tool called “Redlining Louisville: The History of Race, Class and Real Estate.”
(link to map)

This map, created by Joshua Poe — a Louisville-based urban design consultant — clearly shows that many of Louisville’s most dis-invested areas today were redlined back then. More affluent areas of Louisville were shaded in green.


Redlining is illegal today, but many argue that the damage has already been done.  A mindset has been established.



Flow Business Systems, through its normal course of providing high quality strategic and consulting services, dedicates a portion of all revenue to an account called Overflow.  This account is used to help establish businesses, create jobs, provide home ownership to help reverse the curse. 


We are dedicated to being part of the story to revitalize the West End of Louisville and give encouragement and hope to an area that is full of wonderful, intelligent, and hard working people.


We are providing free consulting services, websites, social media, and videos to several businesses.  Flow is also investing in start-ups such as Overflow Radio and others soon to be announced!  The link below will soon be replaced with information to each of these amazing efforts.  In the meantime, if you know of a person or business we can help, please let us know!


Love City is an amazing example of what is possible if you just believe. 

Love City is all about loving their neighbors and making an impact in the community.  You can volunteer in various ways or donate via their website.


Become a Flow Client!  We are transparent with our giving to this cause, so you will see exactly how the money you spend on Flow services connects with the impact being made in the Redlined areas. 

Click the link below to see how we can help your business.

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